Introduction to the Guild of Cornish Hedgers

We are an informal group of hedgers and interested parties set up to promote the building of quality Cornish Hedges and to give public information about the value and preservation of the diverse habitat that these hedges provide.

One of the charms of Cornwall’s interesting landscape is in its diverse pattern of hedges around the small fields and along the narrow, winding lanes. Nearly all are within sight of a right-of-way, and therefore can be seen by most people every day. These hedges are culturally and environmentally important to Cornwall and therefore need the protection that they deserve. The Guild has developed and now runs an apprentice scheme to train hedgers into certified craftsmen. This was helped by a generous grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, the details of which can be found by following the link.


For the Public

This website provides information about the traditional Cornish hedge, its history, news, and a wealth of answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a hedging project you need costing there is Get a quote page where our certified Craftsmen are listed. They can be contacted individually or by submitting job details through an online form, in which case those details will be available for all or certified Craftsmen to view and they will reply to you themselves. There is also our on-line shop where specialist items can be purchased.



For our Supporters

Supporters are people who have an active interest in encouraging this important traditional Cornish craft. As well as the website services listed above supporters will know they are actively helping to preserve the craft of Cornish hedging. For a small annual fee Supporters will receive a car sticker, newsletters and other offers from time to time. Looking ahead, we are also hoping to be able to offer discounts for insurance, tools, materials etc.

to become a Supporter.

For our Craftsmen

Our certified craftsmen are all on our Get a quote page. Their contact details are all there and examples of some of the work they have undertaken. They they also receive information about any jobs that have been requested of the Guild through the online form. This is most helpful as many of them don’t advertise.

to become a registered Craftsman. You will have to sign up first by puchasing your membership. You will then be sent an email which contains a link to enter your details which will appear on this website. You will be able to upload your photograph, enter details about yourself, your experience and even upload pictures of your work.

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